lauantaina, syyskuuta 05, 2015

Let's Go -näyttely Vantaa 5.9.2015

Tuomari Rob Douma, Netherladns

Tirlittan Magic Miss 'Tira' JUN EH

16 mouth powder puff, smaller type. Correct lenght of body. Has a feminine head. Typical excpression. Correct bite. Well carried ears. Enough neck. Level topline, correct tailset. Well angulated behaind, needs more angulation in front and also a bit more cheast development. Lovely veil, needs time to settle in move.

Tirlittan Madam Mystic 'Zulu' NUO ERI1 SA PN 2 SERTI

16 months, lovely bitch of correct size & body propotions. Has a lovely long head well balanced. Typical excpression well placed ears. correct neck. Super body. Typical angulations allround. good bone. Typical feet. Correct skin. Moves very easIly & sound well presented.


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